Adult Groups
Last updated on January 19, 2016
Adults are the "future of the church", more so than children! Why? Because children "catch" their faith from their parents, teachers, and the "grown ups". Our Saviour helps the grownups learn and serve so our children can catch the faith! 

Adult Study: "Most adults think "Sunday School" is for kids! We believe that adults and parents need to learn the Faith even more so then the kids! We have two adult studies on Sunday morning at 10:15AM. Pastor's class studies basic Bible teachings with life application and discussion, and referencing books of the Bible using outlines and resources. 

All are welcome Come and join a Bible study to learn and grow in your faith!

Happy Wanderers: The Happy Wanderers group provides fellowship, support and social activities for seniors and retirees of the congregation.

OSLC Mens group: The OSLC Mens  group was formed to "have fun" and to provide funding for church maintenance. as well as other needed projects of the church.

Women's Circle: The Women's Circle offers the women of the church an opportunity to gather for fellowship, support of each other and the church as a whole, and to do community service projects.