Tent Troupe
TENT TROUPE visited Endwell as part of its 2013 season tour where it made a one-day appearance on Monday, July 8th...

The colorful big top, located at the ball field in Highland Park, was the home for two shows.
The raising of the "Big Top" and auxiliary tents began around 9:00am Monday morning.

The children's matinee entitled “Folktales, Fables and Fun..” included familiar old and new folk tales, fables, stories and songs
from around the world a delight to young and young at heart, started at 1:30 with an interactive pre-show of singing and dancing. T
his presentation was enjoyed by over 275 young and young at heart 

The 7:30pm family entertainment is, "The Lilies of the Field" adapted to the stage by F Andrew Leslie from the novel by
Williams E. Barrett While traveling through a parched valley in the remote Southwest, Homer Smith stops for a day's work for hire
at a run down mission staffed by a group of German Nuns. Mother Superior sees in him an answer to her prayers for someone to
build her a chapel.
The story revolves around Homer being drawn into to sharing the dream and finding new strength and faith in his abilities.. "

Tent Troupe is the only traveling summer Tent Theater of its kind in North America. Over the more than three decades,
Tent Troupe has visited 29 of the United States and Canada, approximately 375 different towns and touched the lives of
more than 230,000 people. 

On the road, troupers and staff experience life as an expression of their faith in Jesus Christ and share their "ministry by example"
with all they meet along the way. They not only perform for hundreds of people, but they also erect and strike nearly two tons of
tent, pack and unpack four truck loads of equipment, prepare their meals and participate in family meetings and daily devotions. 

Each day there are two shows, a matinee for children and a full length evening presentation. The shows are carefully selected with
the intention of making audiences think about some of the basic questions encountered in life. The plays focus on people who, by
their lifestyles, make audiences consider challenging questions as they leave our tent. No admission is charged for either show.
Troupers and their families raise their own funds to guarantee their basic expenses. 

Although there was a minor Monsoon following the matinee the sky cleared in time for the evening performance. The field however
became a swamp. Two of the truckes were stuck in the mud and had to be extracted with the help of the Highland Park crew.

To learn more about and to view a video of a day in the life of Tent Troupe