Women's Group
Our Saviour congregation is known for "its people".

First time visitors all express surprise over the friendliness of the congregation.
Community togetherness is our abiding strength and we always welcome new faces to the crowd.    Come meet the people . . . 
The Women's Circle offers the women of the church an opportunity to gather for fellowship,
support of each other and the church as a whole, and to do community service projects.

Women's Summer Meeting at Lee Ann's                                                    Christmas Party Dinner at Lorna's

Fall Tea


Fall Tea

Our Women's group used proceeds from our rummage sale to shop for and provide gifts to 35 childen
Also included was a gift card to provide the family with a Holiday meal. 


      Santa delivered the gifts in his sleigh (van)

The Years Coming Events - Please join us !! 

Contact Judy Kunz or check sign up sheet in the "Communications Center."
Some Dates are Tentative, so check the board often