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   The Light in the Darkness
Sometimes you feel that your alone
When in a milling crowd
The solitude envelops you
Within its chilling shroud

Sometimes you find yourself alone
With darkness, all around
You’d give your all for one small light,
The path could then be found

The reasons may be numerous
That bring you loneliness
The loss of loved ones, health or friends
Or other deep distress

When overcome with darkness
And you don’t know what to do
There is a light available,
It’s waiting just for you

The Savior is the light you need
He wants to show the way…
He’ll listen to your every prayer,
Just trust in him today

The light of God shines ever bright
It brings both hope and peace
If you follow where he leads
All loneliness will cease
              Orin W Donner

 Micki Dolan